Even the simplest life is affected
by climate change


When the worst flood in more than 50 years hit the city of Venice, starts the adventure of a man who needs to put every possible effort to recover his sunken boat.

Tied into me is a touching documentary that follows the story of Daryl and his boat Gina, the place he had chosen to live to fulfill his need to be in contact with nature.

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What people say


Head of acquisition off the fence

"A captivating and well-shot film. It takes you along for the ride and you feel involved as he tries to deal with the loss of Gina!"

brandy shearer

blogger alor italy

"Instead of being a harbinger of doom, Tied into me connects the dots between climate change to personal life choices"


Suddenly finding himself homeless overnight, Daryl faces the great challenge of recovering his boat Gina, which sank in Venice after the most violent high water in the last 50 years.

Gina is not just a boat, but a symbol that justifies all of Daryl’s choices as well as his determination to recover it. By abandoning the boat, he should give up his dream of living free in contact with nature.

TIED INTO ME is a highly inspirational portrait of a man who fights for his life and dreams despite adversity.

You can emulate Daryl fighting for what has a real value and sinking the unnecessary. Learn more about the film.


Watch TIED INTO ME and take action!

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