Tied into me is a touching documentary that follows the story of Daryl and his boat Gina, the place he had chosen to live to fulfill his need to be in contact with nature. TIED INTO ME is a highly inspirational portrait of a man who fights for his life and dreams despite adversity

Persevere despite adversity

Gina is not just a boat, but a symbol that justifies all of Daryl’s choices as well as his determination to recover it. By abandoning the boat, he should give up his dream of living free in contact with nature.

The wish to start over, pushes Daryl to move forward despite all the difficulties he encounters on this journey.

Climate change

The events which caused Gina to sink has been called by the locals Acqua Granda, forcing us to reflect on how climate change is impacting our life. What scientists present as a long-term potential scenario, is already affecting our life strongly
The dramatic flood that happened in Venice has devastated Daryl’s life moving the balance of his choices. 

What’s happening in Venice?




Caterina Tarducci is a documentary director and scriptwriter. She has been working on documentaries since 2017, when she produced the feature film 50 Liters Life, acquired by STV, ERP Greece and Netflix. TIED INTO ME is her latest documentary.



Riccardo Sartori is a producer, cinematographer and documentary director. His prior film 50 LITERS LIFE, about the issue of water scarcity, has been acquired by Netflix and streamed all over the world.


Watch TIED INTO ME and take action!

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