TIED INTO ME tells the love story in Venice between an adventure traveler and his beloved Gina: his floating home. 

When Daryl arrives in Venice from his home country of Ireland, he decides to live on a boat as a way to best connect with the Venetian community. But when a flood hits the city, his beloved boat, Gina, sinks and takes all of Daryl’s possessions with her.

The film chronicles Daryl’s adventure to rescue Gina from the waters despite the many obstacles he has to face. We witness the Venice community gathering around Daryl and helping him in his endeavor to save his home. 

TIED INTO ME opens up a timely discussion about how a crisis can reveal our true vision for how we choose to live and the importance of facing adventure and adversity together with our chosen community in whatever country we choose to live.

Tied into me takes you along for the ride during this time and you feel you're with him and involved as he tries to deal with the loss of Gina!

Dylan Casella

Off The Fence


Daryl’s story is an inspiring adventure that pushes us to learn from failure and grow our mindset. His journey unfolds through challenges and defeats that force him to evolve each time–within himself and his community. 

Traveling is not just about being far from one’s birthplace, but also living experiences,  expanding our innate curious nature, and feeling at home even though in another country. Daryl decides to stay true to himself and save Gina because they are both tied to the community of Venice. Leaving her where she sank, would mean harming and turning his back on his dreams but also the city that Daryl cares so much about. 

TIED INTO ME reveals to audiences how helping others and being true to yourself, makes a community a better place to live.  Audiences will be inspired by the efforts of Daryl, his friends and neighbors.



TIED INTO ME is the latest documentary by filmmakers Caterina and Riccardo Sartori. The film, only a few months after its release, has already been broadcasted on Swiss television RSI.
A couple in life and work, we decided to create documentaries to express our vision through the stories of others.
Daryl’s story is also ours. Despite the difficulties of producing independent films, we decided to face this adventure while remaining together and true to ourselves.
Our previous film 50 LITERS LIFE, about the drought in South Africa, is currently distributed by Netflix throughout Europe and has been broadcasted worldwide.

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