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  1. Stream Tied into me on this page from Friday, TBD to Tuesday, TBD.

  2. Join the live Q&A with directors Caterina and Riccardo on Monday, TBD.

Watch Tied into me

The screening window for this event will begin on Friday, TBD.
In the meantime, view the trailer below.

Tied into me takes you along for the ride during this time and you feel you're with him and involved as he tries to deal with the loss of Gina!

Dylan Casella

Off The Fence

Join the live Q&A with the directors on Tuesday, TBD at 7PM EST.


TIED INTO ME is the latest documentary by filmmakers Caterina and Riccardo Sartori. The film, only a few months after its release, has already been broadcasted on Swiss television RSI.
A couple in life and work, we decided to create documentaries to express our vision through the stories of others.
Daryl’s story is also ours. Despite the difficulties of producing independent films, we decided to face this adventure while remaining together and true to ourselves.
Our previous film 50 LITERS LIFE, about the drought in South Africa, is currently distributed by Netflix throughout Europe and has been broadcasted worldwide.

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