TIED INTO ME tells the story of Daryl Smith, a young Irish man who decides to land in Venice, bewitched by its beauty. 

He finds working as an English teacher in a school and after a short time, he gets the chance to buy a boat for a few bucks. 

So, it starts the adventure Daryl has always loved to experience: living aboard a boat, named Gina and capturing the sense of freedom by living in contact with nature.  

Tied into me - 8

Gina is not the kind of boat we would be able to think as a place to live: on board, there’s no electric generator and no running fresh waterSo, Daryl cooked only foods that didn’t need the stoves and followed the time for the day exploiting the sunlight.  

Living like that dramatically influences his lifestyle, but Daryl seems not to care. 

Daryl used to cook aboard Gina without using stoves or appliances
On summer evenings, Gina hosted dinners and cultural exchanges
Datyl sorts out groceries while charging the battery with a solar panel
Daryl stares at the Venice lagoon on a gray winter morning

"I live a simplistic life, but my simplicity is down there even"

Daryl Smith,

main characther

When Gina sinks due to the storm, Daryl has no home to live and nothing has remained. This tragic event starts the adventure to recover Gina from the sea. Daryl does not give up, and although he needs to move from friends’ house to house, he keeps pursuing his goal until the end. 

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