TIED INTO ME tells the love story in Venice between an adventure traveler and his beloved Gina: his floating home. 

When Daryl arrives in Venice from his home country of Ireland, he decides to live on a boat as a way to best connect with the Venetian community. But when a flood hits the city, his beloved boat, Gina, sinks and takes all of Daryl’s possessions with her.

The film chronicles Daryl’s adventure to rescue Gina from the waters despite the many obstacles he has to face. We witness the Venice community gathering around Daryl and helping him in his endeavor to save his home. 

TIED INTO ME opens up a timely discussion about how a crisis can reveal our true vision for how we choose to live and the importance of facing adventure and adversity together with our chosen community in whatever country we choose to live.


JUNE 1st

TIED INTO ME will reach more than 2 million viewers when it premieres on the PBS network in June. With its 350 stations covering all fifty states, PBS will bring this poignant and powerful documentary to a broad and diverse audience during a primetime slot.
It could not come at a better time.

Over the course of a year, PBS reaches 79% of all U.S. television households — nearly 200 million people. Public television is the perfect platform to reach a core audience of affluent, well-educated adults who are highly engaged in their communities and supportive of the arts and youth initiatives. According to a nationwide survey, PBS ranks #1 in public trust in America, lending credibility and value to its sponsors.

Tied into me takes you along for the ride during this time and you feel you're with him and involved as he tries to deal with the loss of Gina!

Dylan Casella

Off The Fence

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As a sponsor, your company will have a dedicated 15-second message at the opening and closing credits of all PBS broadcasts, creating more than 4 million high-value impressions. Your message will be built into the program for the film’s June national premiere and will remain attached throughout the life of the film’s three-year run on PBS.

With only three 15-second messages available—and guaranteed industry exclusivity—your message will stand out in an uncluttered advertising environment, and your support for this broadcast will resonate deeply with the PBS audience.

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Roper Opinion Research ranks PBS as “the nation’s most trusted institution.” It is the perfect platform to reach an affluent, well-educated audience who cares about their community and social issues.

And the best thing about PBS viewers: there are a lot of them! PBS is ranked as the #6 broadcast and cable channel.
Its primetime audience is larger than that of A&E (the PBS audience is 135% larger), Bravo (126%), TLC (122%), Discovery Channel (79%) and HGTV (39%).



Public Television Markets
PBS Member Stations
Milion Households

PBS viewers Love to Travel

  • 45% more likely to take 3+ vacations
    16% more likely to enjoy fine dining on
    vacation 36% more likely to take at least 1
  • 49% more likely to spend at least $6k
  • 48% more likely to engage a travel agent
  • 40% more likely to spend at least $5k on vacation this year

The power of sponsoring programs that air on public television stations

  • Engaged Audience that will see your message
  • Fewer interruptions – 15 times fewer spots than commercial TV, so your message stands out
  • Public TV core audiences are curious and crave knowledge, striving to keep up to date. Well traveled and, environmentally conscious, they are active in the community

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