The worst flood in 50 years

The documentary is based on the tragic flood that occurred in Venice in 2019 when the whole world watched on TV the city underwater. The extreme climatic event has raised again great ancient questions: is Venice sinking? Am I causing Venice to sink?

The issue

On November 12th, 2019 the tide reached 187cm, submerging over 80% of the city. When the sirens resonated in the morning, residents carried on the usual routine and barricading their houses and businesses.

But during the night, the water continued to rise and rise, far surpassing the predicted level. Fierce winds whipped up waves in St Mark’s Square and sent gondolas crashing into quays. Ground floor houses, hotels, restaurants were extremely damaged and two people died over the storm 

Is Venice sinking?

According to the regional projections published by the IPCC in 2021, the sea level is projected to rise by 2100 of 28-55 centimeters in their most optimistic scenario of global warming – and 63-101 centimeters in the most pessimistic scenario.

Rising sea levels predicted for the not too distant future should suggest a new design for the most famous city in the world and revisiting the functionality of floods barriers.

Am I causing Venice to sink?

Many studies show how the sea level is going to rise by 2100 due to GHG emissions. This will cause more and more extreme events in Venice that sounds bound to be remembered one day as the underwater city. 

Venice is only one of the many places that are strongly affected by global warming and in a certain way, we can say to be fully responsible for it. However, we can still prevent the most catastrophic scenarios to happen and that other Daryls are in trouble.


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